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I think I will do this to the point of death.

As with many other things, the hardest thing in this is figuring out “what I want to do.” To speak with narrowing the scope down to game development, the hardest thing is finding the answer to the question, “What kind of decision-making experience do I want the player to have, and what emotions do I want it to make them feel?” This may change little by little over time, adding to the difficulty. The answer to this needs to be as clear and focused as possible.

If this does not work well, the results of our work may become unusable and you will have to do it again, or the results of our work may act as harmful elements, requiring time and effort to get rid of them. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be accomplished at once. It requires a lot of trial and error and patience. Even experienced people have a hard time with this part.

“The first is player power,” he explained. " Are you epowering players to tell a new story in collaboration? Next, have I delivered one thing in the game that nobody has ever seen or done before? Thirdly, have I allowed the player to see the world through the eyes of someone different to themselves - have I let them walk in someone else’s shoes? And have I made a game about something beyond what’s on the surface? Have I made them think? These are the four things which define success for me."

Warren Spector: “I couldn’t care less about maximising profitability” -

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