Sat, May 25, 2024 3:07 pm
Useful links of posts and notes about adding TFunction to TMap in Unreal Engine
more ...
How to add a ribbon shortcut icon to call the VBA macro function in a Microsoft Office file without Visual Studio or the other external tool.
Overview Just add an xml file for a new tab containing a button and register the xml file in the .rels xml file inside the Excel file. Document Link the Office Fluent ribbon by using an Open XML formats file more ...
Wed, May 22, 2024 5:56 pm
Description and workaround for the symptom that the ini file is not saved or is not created when adding the "config" to UCLASS and calling SaveConfig() in Unreal Engine 5.4
Conclusion This symptom occurs in 5.4.1. UCLASS with the config specifier applied is currently failing to create or save ini files in some cases. There are two workarounds: more ...
The identity of the mysterious space above and below a widget in SRichTextBlock is the lineheight.
If we set lineheight of SRichTextBlock greater than 1.0, the space by lineheight will be added to the top or bottom of the widget created inside SRichTextBlock through the decorator. For example, if you set 1.5 for lineheight, an empty space equal to 50% of the widget’s height will be created. more ...
A record of worry about whether to split the case of multiple self-pins into cases that support arrays and cases that do not, in the Blueprint plugin of Unreal.
Based on engine version 5.4 MultipleSelfs is decided by virtual bool AllowMultipleSelfs(bool bInputAsArray) in the UK2Node. The only place where it is actually used is UK2Node_CallFunction::AllowMultipleSelfs. The parameter bInputAsArray is passing whether or not an array is input, but this parameter is not currently used inside the function. more ...
Thu, May 9, 2024 3:48 pm
Recent developments report
The path to making this table was very hard, long, and painful for me. Anyway, I did make it. more ...
Thu, May 9, 2024 1:32 pm
The list of posts about the comment system considering ActivityPub or Mastodon in Hugo or other static sites, that I searched on the web.
I looked at the mastodon and realized I hadn’t record this down. If you know other good resource, please tell me! more ...
Wed, May 8, 2024 0:09 am
Debugging record about STextBlock::SetTextStyle() not working after construction and the warning that I want to tell myself.
Problem In Unreal Engine 5.4, After contruction of STextBlock widget, if we call STextBlock::SetTextStyle(), it does not work. On the other hand, if SimpleTextMode of STextBlock is set to true, STextBlock::SetTextStyle() works. more ...
Tue, May 7, 2024 3:14 am
Memo about when using Unreal Engine's SRichTextBlock, it does not work properly if there is a linebreak character ( ) in the hyperlink.
Workaround: Sets the same hyperlink to the text before and after the linebreak character. But, if I do like this, the mouse hover reaction works separately. Aaaa… more ...
How to apply highly saturated colors at BorderBackgroundColor of SBorder in Unreal Editor
Copy 1 2 3 SNew(SBorder) .BorderImage(FAppStyle::GetBrush("PlainBorder")) .BorderBackgroundColor(SomeColor) I wanted to note these names of brushes. more ...