I remember the first video game I played was Spy vs. Spy on the Sega Mark III. Since my early teens, I’ve been playing pen-and-paper games with a scrap of paper in my hand. In 2000, he started working in the industry as a game designer. I’ve worked on offline action games, online service versions of MMORPGs and FPS, and major updates to online FPS.

Currently, I’m working on a turn-based hex map strategy game, based on Unreal Engine, in a two-person studio. For a while I was building and animating robots in Blender (fun!), then I spent a lot of time programming CPP (hard but fun!), and now I’m working on Blueprint Editor plugin.

While game design has been my main focus for a long time, I’ve also had a long-standing desire to know everything there is to know about making and selling games. And I’m learning a lot through indie development.

I love sci-fi with mecha.
I have a strong curiosity.
Loves to learn new things.
Interested in low-level computing.
Loves metal, especially Nordic melodic death metal. Also likes electronic music. Recently, I’ve been discovering and listening to music from the Cold War era.
Likes movies with beautiful visuals.
I like dramatic narratives that show the three-dimensional nature of human beings and epic atmospheres.
Sensitive to pain and sadness in the world.
I want to reduce unjust violence and oppression in the world.
I want to know about my ignorance and errors, and I want to correct them with truth.

I live in South Korea.
I use Korean and English. Other languages are not scary for me as long as there is a translator app.